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             About Us

Keepers of the Greens Lawn and Garden Services was started in September 2012 by Beth and David, a husband and wife team. David is the landscaper, who has 8 solid years of experience and Beth (along with her Mum) runs the gardening and business sides of things. 

We started the company with a truck from our wedding and a loan from our parents because we wanted to work for ourselves and we like to be able to have our own sites that we can develop and take pride in. 


We would love to help with your outdoor living space too! 





Our Vision

We aim to help you to design and maintain a beautiful lawn and garden that you can enjoy!


We will do this through honest, hard, dependable and efficient work.

Beth and David Bailey


Some Helpful Thoughts

Winter Gardening 101


There are two ways of keeping your garden in the winter. You can either: 1) let it be and even cover it with leaves knowing that bugs and birds will enjoy the "leftovers" knowing that you will have to do a bigger clean-up in the spring or 2) do a major clean-up and cut-back to make it look neat and to avoid a major clean-up in the spring. We think both methods work...really, it's just a matter of ascetic appeal.

Construct an Above Ground Vegetable Box


Here in Vancouver, BC, our ground is both very cold and full of slugs and snails, so from our experience it is best to grow vegetables in raised beds. They can be built from stackable bricks or from stakes and cedar planks. An added benefit to these is that you can sit on the edge and garden from the side if you have bad knees or a bad back :) And of course it is best to build them in the winter so that you can be ready to plant for the spring.

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