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We offer many different services with negotiable prices. Please contact us and we will come over to give you a free estimate as soon as we can.

Lawn Care

Our services include: mowing, line trimming, blowing, fertilizing, liming, power raking and aerating.




Rubbish Removal

We will remove unwanted small odds and ends and extra bags of garbage. We also remove or move unwanted leaves.

Bonsai Care
​​Our services include: planting, weeding, transplanting, mulch topping up, fertilizing, bed edging, above ground bed construction and other maintenance tasks.

Tree Pruning

We will prune your small trees (under 13 ft) into a style of your choosing.

​​David is a big bonsai aficianado. He has many of his own trees that he cares for and he loves to help others with theirs. He would love to help you with yours, and he holds get-togethers in the spring and summer that he'd love you to be a part of.....more to come about this later :)

Hedge Trimming

We will prune your hedges (under 13 ft) into a style of your choosing.

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