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Lawn Care Maintenance


Don't have enough time to take care of your lawn but you still want to have your own green oasis surrounding your home? We'd love to take care of this! Mowing, line trimming/weed whacking and blowing off pathways can be done for you professionally and conveniently.


We have 3 options for you:

1. weekly, 2. every other week or 3. every 10 days.


Simply contact us and we'll swing by at your convenience to give you a quote! We look forward to hearing from you!

Lawn Care Booster


Lawns are like anything else that is alive. They need food; they need water, and a couple of times a year (or more), they need some help to be at their optimum. We offer a few services that can help you with this:


1. Liming- increases the pH (especially needed if lawn receives lots of evergreen needles) and                     enables grass to receive the nutrients that are in the soil 

2. Deep core aerating- de-compacts the ground, increases oxygen and nutrient uptake by the                                        grass roots and enables deeper penetration of grass roots making it more                                  drought resistant

3. Fertilizing- feeding your grass by adding various levels of (N)itrogen, (P)hosphorous and                             (K)Potassium to your soil (a 20-5-10 ratio is good for Spring). Slow release                                  Nitrogen and granules as opposed to spraying are best


****People who normally boost their lawns lime, deep core aerate and fertilize 2x/year (spring and fall) fertilizing can be done as much as 1x/6 wks during the growing season, though.



Power raking is electrical powered raking that removes thatch or a layer of dead grass and organic debris that builds up and compacts over time. Too much thatch stops water and nutrients from reaching the soil and the grass roots. It also prevents grass roots from penetrating to deeper levels. This service can be done at any time during the year when the ground isn't frozen but it is best to do it in the spring when the grass has been awake for a few weeks but isn't at it's optimal growth period. 


Power Raking should be done every two years and if your grass exhibits: uneven growth, looks sparse or compact or looks overly mossy. Power raking removes excess moss too!


***After de-thatching is done, your lawn should be 1. top dressed with nutrient rich soil and 2. overseeded. De-thatching is a drastic-looking procedure and will really expose your grass for what it is. These 2 aftercare procedures will revitalize your existing grass and enable new grass to establish itself where there is no old grass.

Garden Care


As shown in our services section, we offer gardening. Here are some possibilities for how we can help you. 


We can do a complete garden clean-up including weeding, transplanting, removal of unwanted plants, pruning of shrubs, planting and edging of beds. 


Or we can maintain your garden the same way we maintain grass on a 1. weekly, 2. every-other-week or 3. every-10-day schedule. We can be directed by you or be self-directed, whatever you desire. 


Our rate is between $35/hr- $50/hr depending on the type of work needing to be done.

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